Wet wipes down the toilet? Wrong

Wet wipes do not break down like toilet paper when flushed.

Even if they're labelled "flushable", they are not! 

ABC News: $700,000 fine for false claims about "flushable" wipes

CHOICE: 'Flushable' wipes block pipes (check out the video!)

YouTube: 130 tonne fatberg causing stink in London sewers 

UK Telegraph: 'Flushable' wet wipes responsible for 93% of blockages in UK sewers

The Conversation: Don't believe the label, 'flushable wipes' clog our sewers

Flushing wet wipes could be blocking the pipes and increasing the risk of overflows in your street and in your community right now!

Overflows are extremely damaging to your property and very expensive for you to repair.

Wet wipes are rubbish

Put them in the bin

Free poster! Click the image to download the PDF.

Wet wipes are rubbish poster

Talking toilets with the Junior Poo Crew

We’ve flushed out some of the smartest, funniest kids to star in a new video with an important message! Watch as they lift the lid on good flushing habits while chatting to our sewage treatment plants manager James.

Learn how to love your loo

Wet wipes create fatbergs!

Gross! Fatbergs explained

When wet wipes and cooking fats meet up in the sewerage system, they combine to form disgusting lumps called fatbergs.

Fatbergs form when non biodegradable material is flushed down the toilet or poured down the drain.

Toilet pipes and sink pipes both lead to the sewerage system. And this is where fatbergs do their damage.

Just as serious as an iceberg, only stinkier

Avoid blockages and overflows at your place

Young boy playing with toilet paper in bathroom of residential house

Look after your loo

Please only ever flush the three Ps: pee, poo and (toilet) paper. Anything else contributes to blockages and increases the risk of overflows.
Girl peeling potato at kitchen sink with bin on bench beside her

Think at the sink

Putting the wrong things down your sink, drain and toilet can block and erode your pipes and damage infrastructure.
Plumber repairing leak in kitchen

Toilet and sewer problems

Find out how to recognise common toilet and sewer problems early and get professional help before a more serious problem develops.