Although there are currently no water restrictions in place for South East Queensland residents and businesses, our combined dam levels are below 60% and we all need to work together to save water. Restrictions will come into place if dam levels drop to 50%. Water remains a limited and precious resource - please use it wisely!

Learn more about the SEQ Water Grid

Between 2001 and 2009, South East Queensland experienced a severe drought which became known as the
Millennium Drought. The drought highlighted how you can't rely on rain to fall when and where you need it and forced Seqwater to think differently about water supply and water demand. It also exposed the need to improve the region's resilience to drought.

As a result the Queensland Government established the SEQ Water Grid. The grid is a network of bulk water supply pipelines that stretch more than 600 kilometers to enable treated drinking water to be moved around the region. The SEQ Water Grid is connected to the region's major water treatment plants and water supply dams.

Before the SEQ Water Grid communities were reliant on their local dams for water supply. These days, if it does not rain in one area, we can use the grid to transport treated drinking water to other areas that need it. Due to the grid, South East Queensland is better prepared to manage drought and our growing population than ever before. 

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