You can request minor changes to existing water or sewerage infrastructure by following our streamlined application process.

Unitywater approves and undertakes the work, but you must pay the cost of any changes you request.

Important note for water and sewerage alterations 

If your alteration is part of a larger construction or development project then you do not need to apply for a separate alteration. You are able to request any alterations as part of your development application. 

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Changes to existing water meters 

You may ask us to:

  • convert your meter from above ground to below ground

  • raise or lower your meter box

  • move your meter horizontally 

  • install a lockable valve next to your water meter

  • test or replace your water meter (the cost of this is refunded if meter is found to be faulty).

Apply with Standard Connection Request Form (F9255)

To increase the size of your standard metered water service connection to a size greater than 25mm, this is to be applied for via a Unitywater Accredited Certifier. The Accreditation Register lists Registered Certifiers who will prepare, assess and submit your application (Certification Package) to Unitywater.

  • Upon approval to increase the size of your standard water service connection, you will need to apply with the Private Works Application Form (F10001) below:

Private Works Application (F10001)

Please include the following with your application form:

  • the lot and plan of your property
  • the owner’s written consent
  • for water meter relocations - a dimensioned locality plan showing your preferred meter location
  • for meter size reductions - a hydraulic or certifiers certificate. 

If you need help locating your water meter you can check our infrastructure map. You can also request to have someone locate it for you, but you will be charged for this service. Please view our prices

 Water meter buried in dirt

As a business can I reduce the size of my meter?

You can contract a licensed plumber to complete a hydraulics review of your metering arrangements. A hydraulics review assesses a property’s water use requirements to determine if the property can downsize to a smaller water meter, and therefore pay lower access charges.

If you are able to downsize your water meter(s), you will need to complete the following form and send it to us along with a copy of the hydraulics report: 

Water Supply and Sewerage Services - Private Works Application (PDF 72KB) 

Please note: downsizing your water meter will incur a cost.

Your business can also install water efficient devices and appliances to help to minimise both sewerage and water usage charges on your bill.

 Unitywater Maintenance Manhole

Lowering or raising a manhole

If you would like to raise or lower your manhole to keep it level with the ground or to suit your landscaping requirements, then you can apply to adjust the height. 

Our Private Works team undertakes this work, but the cost varies depending on the difficulty of the work involved. We can provide a quote to you within 15 working days of receiving your request and (in most cases) perform the work within 20 working days of your payment of the quote.

To request a quote: Please submit the following form and provide a dimensioned locality plan or sketch clearly showing the proposed change in height of the manhole and distances from surrounding structures such as fences and buildings:

Request a quote for lowering or raising a manhole (F10001)

Water and sewerage disconnections

Disconnections associated with demolition works will be carried out by the plumbing department at your local council. You can contact them directly on the website links below.

City of Moreton Bay

Sunshine Coast Council

Noosa Council

Demolition of residential house 
 Renovating or extending a property

Relocate a sewer connection

If you are renovating or rebuilding and your plans are likely to interfere with the sewer connection point, you can have it relocated to a more suitable position on your property.

Our Private Works team undertake this work, but the cost varies depending on the difficulty of the work involved and we can provide a quote.

To request a quote: Please submit the form below, along with the following documents:

  • drawings approved by Unitywater's Development Services team
  • a hydraulic plan approved by your local council’s plumbing services
  • a clear scope of works.

We will visit the property, assess the work required, and provide you with a quote within 15 working days and (in most cases) perform the work within 20 working days of your payment of the quote.

Private Works Application (F10001)

A surcharge will apply for credit card payments (Mastercard and Visa) on Sundry accounts being paid at our Maroochydore and Caboolture counters or over the phone with the Credit Card Payment Authority form. Find out more