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If you are having trouble in the My Accounts, My History, My Payments, My Details, My Usage, My Requests or My Inbox sections please see below. 

If you are having trouble with your password, logging in or registering view our troubleshooting tips.

You can also check our handy My Account how to videos for setting up and changing e-billing, direct debit and Smoothpay.

Plus, find out about My Account security and setting up two-step verification, including top tips for protecting your personal details online.

My Accounts

Please call our Customer Service team on 1300 086 489 to discuss linking your accounts. 

Accounts can only be linked if they are in the same name or you have full authority on the account.

Sometimes when a business account is set up it is only in the business name and no individual person (e.g. director) has been authorised. 

Please complete the online form here to add yourself or any other authorisers to the business account and please state you would like this linked to your residential account. Alternatively, you can complete the Company Account Authority Request Form (PDF 260KB).

Please note: Accounts can only be linked if the full name of the authoriser is exactly the same on each property.

My History 

Yes, on the 'My History' page you can view all your transaction history, including bills, payments, interest charges or adjustments (e.g. credits, rebates and property settlement transfers) for your account as far back as 1 January 2012.
Yes, go to the ‘My History’ page and with one simple click you can export your billing and payment history for the last financial year, or select a specific date range for any period between 1 January 2012 and the current date. Your history will be instantly exported into a handy Excel spread sheet to view and download.

If you need a copy of your transaction history prior to 1 January 2012, please contact us.

My Payments

My Account users can still enjoy all the convenient payment methods currently listed on their Unitywater bill, plus new payment options that are only available in My Account:

Smoothpay – a personalised payment plan that makes budgeting for your bills easy by spreading your payments evenly over the year.
Direct Debit by Credit Card – set up hassle-free automatic payments from your credit card or bank account. Select from fortnightly or monthly payments, or the full amount of your bill on the due date.

Read more about our existing payment options
• Direct Debit
• Credit Card online or by phone
• Post Billpay
• Cheques by Mail
To protect your security and reduce the likelihood of credit or debit card information being stolen, My Account does not store any of your card details. Instead, these details are stored by our payment provider who complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The expiry date of the card used is the only information that will be displayed on the My Payments page of My Account.
For payments in My Account you will see your payment and balance change instantly with our real time payments. If your payment is still not showing after 24 hours, please contact us
Online setup is quick and easy. Just follow a few simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the ‘My Payments’ page in My Account, select Direct Debit by Credit Card or Bank Account, and click on the ‘Set up now’ button.

Step 2: Fill out the required fields, including your Direct Debit amount and frequency (e.g. $40 per fortnight) and the start date for your payments. Select from:
• Fortnightly – your start date should be no earlier than tomorrow and no later than 14 days ahead.
• Monthly - your start date should be no earlier than tomorrow.
• Balance on Due Date (i.e. the full amount of your bill debited on the due date) – your start date is immediate.

Step 3: Read and agree to the Direct Debit Service Agreement.

Step 4: Confirm and submit your details to complete the setup.

Step 5: We’ll email a Direct Debit confirmation letter if you have e-billing or we will mail you a confirmation letter within a few days.

If you’re having trouble setting up Direct Debit online, please contact us and our Customer Service team will assist you.

Smoothpay is a personalised payment plan that makes budgeting for your bills easy by spreading your payments evenly across the year. Plus, it has other great features to assist you:

• Choose from fortnightly or monthly instalments calculated for you
• Pay by your preferred method
• Interest-free (we don’t charge interest on overdue amounts)
• Convenient e-billing
• No additional fees and charges

Set up Smoothpay on the 'My Payments' tab.

Find out more about Smoothpay and read our Smoothpay Terms and Conditions.

Smoothpay is available for the payment of residential water and sewerage bills only, and if you are the registered owner of the property.

Smoothpay is not available for the payment of other types of Unitywater accounts (including general sundry accounts for trade waste, water carriers, metered hydrant standpipes and other services). However, you can still use our other convenient payment options to pay these accounts.

Read the Smoothpay Terms and Conditions for more information on who can set up Smoothpay.
Online setup is quick and easy, and only available at My Account.

Step 1: Go to the Smoothpay section on the ‘My Payments’ page and click on ‘Find out more’. This takes you to the Smoothpay page, then click on the orange ‘Set up’ button.

Step 2: Select from the monthly or fortnightly instalment amounts calculated for you, based on your previous bill history, and enter your Smoothpay start date (this should be no earlier than tomorrow’s date).

Step 3: Read and agree to the Smoothpay Terms and Conditions.

Step 4: Select your preferred payment method – choose from:
• Direct Debit by Bank Account
• Direct Debit by Credit Card
• Or another payment method (BPAY, Credit Card, In Person, Cheques by Mail)

Enter the required payment details - please have all your credit card or bank account information handy (e.g. bank account name, account number and BSB number).

Step 5: Confirm and submit your details to complete the setup.

Step 6: We’ll mail you a Smoothpay confirmation letter within a few days.

If you’re having trouble setting up Smoothpay online, please contact us and our Customer Service team will assist you.
If you miss one Smoothpay payment, we will send you a letter to remind you to pay. We won’t charge you any interest on your overdue amount if you make up this payment and continue making your regular Smoothpay instalments.

If you miss two payments, we will automatically cancel your Smoothpay plan. You will have to pay any overdue amount immediately to avoid being charged interest.
You can change or cancel your Direct Debit or Smoothpay plan online at any time in My Account. Simply go to the ‘My Payments’ page where your Direct Debit/Smoothpay details will be listed, click on the ‘Change’ button and follow the instructions.
Yes, you can request an online interest-free 7-day extension to the due date on your bill - you don’t need to call Customer Service or speak to anyone else.

Simply go to the 'Need more time' section at the bottom of the ‘My Payments’ page to set up your 7-day extension. Please note this option will only be displayed if you have a bill amount due. Please apply before the due date on your bill and make sure you have no overdue amounts owing.
If you’re struggling to pay your bills or you need a simple payment plan to help with your budget, we have ways to help:

• Try our Direct Debit options or new interest-free Smoothpay plan - online setup is simple at the ‘My Payments’ page in My Account.
• Or contact us to discuss our special payment options for customers experiencing financial hardship.

My Details

Yes, you can view and update your details instantly 24/7 on the ‘My Details’ page in My Account. Simply click on the ‘Edit Details’ buttons for easy, immediate updates to your:

• postal address
• bill delivery method (email, SMS or post) and other account information (some letters and notices)
• reminder delivery method (email, SMS or post)
• mobile number
• home phone number
• email address for your My Account username
• password for My Account

As your security is important to us, we'll send you email notifications any time a change is made in My Account to your password, mobile number, postal address, two step verification or bill delivery methods, or when your My Account is logged into from a new device.

If you receive a My Account notification and did not make this change, please call our Customer Service team on 1300 086 489 to let us know it was not you.

Yes, any changes you make to your details in My Account are instantly updated to our records and effective immediately.
Yes, if you have one or more Unitywater accounts for different properties or businesses, you can personalise the names of these in My Account.
Simply go to the ‘My Account’ page and click on the ‘More Options’ button for each of your accounts, then select ‘Personalise’. You can then give your accounts a preferred name (nickname) that is relevant to you - e.g. Home, Rental, Holiday, Business, etc.

My Usage

The ‘My Usage’ page in My Account features a handy online tool to compare your current daily water usage with your water usage from previous bills. It provides you with a personalised water usage graph that gives you an instant view of how much water is being used at your property daily. This will also help you control your bills.

It’s easy to use – just follow these simple steps:

1. Take a reading of your water meter, usually found at the front of your property inside an in-ground meter box or just above the ground.

2. Write down the date and the numbers shown on the water meter – kilolitres (black numbers) only.

3. Login to My Account and go to the ‘My Usage’ page, then enter the following details:
• Date of the metering reading
• Meter reading number - kilolitres (black numbers) only.
• Number of people living at your property – this will enable you to compare your daily water usage with the regional average for other households of the same size.
• Click on the ‘Update tracker’ button - this will automatically update your personalised ‘Usage Tracker’ graph displayed on screen.

The dark blue line shows the regional average daily water usage (in litres) for residential households of the same size (number of people) as your property, so you can compare your water usage with similar households.

The orange line shows your average daily water usage (in litres) for your last four quarterly bills, then plots your current daily water usage for the meter reading you have just entered.

• If the orange line is above the dark blue line, you are using more than the regional average for households of the same size (number of people).

• If the orange line is below the dark blue line, you are using less than the regional average.
For a quick step-by-step guide, watch our YouTube ‘How to read your meter video’ or visit the meter reading page on our website.
As well as keeping an eye on your usage, you can also obtain a bill estimate, which can help you manage your bills and identify leaks.

On the 'My Usage' page, enter the date, your meter reading and the number of people in your household. Based on your bill history and average water use, a bill estimate will be generated.
Make sure you enter the kilolitre numbers only. These are usually the black numbers on the water meter - not the red numbers or the red dials.
Here are some common reasons for higher than expected water usage:

• Visitors or more people living at your house
• Renovations or building work
• Extra garden watering and pool top-ups in hot dry weather
• Automatic watering systems and tank top-up devices set too high or not working properly
• Leaking taps, running toilets and concealed leaks hidden in walls, driveways or underground.

We recommend you check for concealed leaks regularly. To find out how, watch our How to read your meter video.
Visit the water-saving page on our website for great tips on how to reduce your water use around the house and garden.

My Requests

My Requests is designed to make doing business with Unitywater easier, faster and more convenient. If you’re building, buying or connecting a property to our infrastructure, you can now make fast, paper-free requests online for our most common services:

• Standard and Detailed Infrastructure Plans
• Unitywater Search Certificates
• Standard Connections for water and sewerage services (including new connections, alterations and disconnections).
Anyone can use My Requests – you just need a general sundry account set up with Unitywater.
Setting up a general sundry account is easy. Please contact us - it takes just a few minutes and then you’re ready to use My Requests straightaway.
If you do not have an account number with Unitywater we can set up a Sundry Account for you. This will enable you to order a Detailed Infrastructure Plan (DIP) online at My Account. Please call us on 1300 086 489 and we can help set one up for you now.  
Yes, you can view a list of all the online requests you have submitted for infrastructure plans, search certificates and standard connections on the ‘My Request’ page under ‘My Requests History’. This list will show the reference number, lot and plan numbers for the property and the date the request was submitted. Once the request is fulfilled, it will be shown in the list as being ‘Complete’.
No, if you have made another type of service request or general enquiry directly to Customer Service or other areas of Unitywater, this will not be displayed in My Requests. To find out about the status of these requests, please contact us.
We offer two convenient ways to pay:

1. Credit card at the end of your online request.

2. Invoice sent by email, SMS or post, with 14 days to pay – please contact us to set up this option. Please note this option is not available for Standard Connections.
• Infrastructure Plans are sent within 5 business days.

• Search Certificates are emailed within 10 business days.

• Standard Connection requests are processed and your Standard Connection Notice is issued within 10 business days. After approval is given and any infrastructure charges are paid, the connection work will be undertaken within the next 20 business days.

My Inbox

My Inbox will show you PDF files of any bills, reminders and overdue notices we have sent to you since 1 July 2012, plus any Unitywater Search Certificate that may have been issued to the property if you’ve sold it since that time.

If you need a copy of any of these documents issued before 1 July 2012, please contact us.
During the sale of a property, the buyer's conveyancing solicitor requests a Unitywater Search Certificate in order to identify and calculate all the previous owner's/seller's charges up until the property’s settlement or hand-over date. Once the settlement occurs, the conveyancing solicitor should send payment for the previous owner's charges directly to Unitywater. Read more about what happens when you buy or sell a property.

You can now request Unitywater Search Certificates online at My Account via the ‘My Requests’ page.
No, My Inbox does not contain everything we send to you. We may still post letters and other notifications to you from time to time, and these will not be shown in My Inbox.